1300ft Oval Sizzlers Fat Track

The most impressive Sizzlers fat track we have ever built.


A typical, new, out of the box, Hot Wheels Sizzlers fat track contained 6 straight pieces. This track had 327 straight pieces per straightaway. Each straightaway was over 650ft in length.

Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate with us this day. The forecast was for an overcast sky and as you can see the sun came out and stayed out. The track pieces started to warp due to the warmth of the pavement (one of the many potential problems when building a track outside).

We attempted to run some cars but the sun was too much for the track. If you look at the supersized versions of the pictures you'll be able to see the track warping and/or where it already warped and a fix was attempted. No usuable video footage of this track exists. Approximately 70 pictures exist and we present 4 of them here.

Click on the pictures to see supersized versions.

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