Why Trackapalooza?

We design and build LARGE Sizzlers fat tracks.

A typical, new, out of the box, Sizzlers fat track is/was approximately 18ft in total length. We have created fat tracks that, to our knowledge, are the world's longest Sizzlers fat tracks ever built. Ever build a Sizzlers fat track over 800ft in length? We have. Multiple times. Our longest fat track is over 1900ft long!

We have built fat tracks around the house, attached tiny HD camera(s) to our cars to get track level video, used a speed gun to see how fast Sizzlers cars can go, and created a fat track with straightaways over 650ft long.

Since we make Sizzlers fat tracks larger than most people have ever seen, we call our track building process "Trackapalooza".

Sizzlers.fun -

To make it easier to see all our Sizzlers videos as soon as they are uploaded to YouTube, I have purchased a new domain, Sizzlers.fun. Sizzlers.fun (or www.sizzlers.fun) will take you directly to my Youtube channel. Once there you will see playlists of Sizzlers videos organized in various ways.

Trackapalooza.com will still occasionally be updated with new pictures or Sizzlers related things not posted to YouTube.

Playlists on YouTube -

Our Sizzlers Videos (Newest First)

Our Most Popular Videos (By Popularity)

World’s Longest Hot Wheels Sizzlers Fat Track

Camera(s) on Sizzlers Cars

Sizzlers in Snow

Sizzlers Cars - How Do They Work

Hot Wheels Sizzlers Commercials

1300ft Oval Sizzlers Fat Track

2015-05-23 - 1300ft Oval Sizzlers Fat Track

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See the most viewed "Sizzlers Fat Track" videos on Youtube.

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